Historic Farm Map Conserved thanks to Generous Donor, June 2022

The library recently conserved and digitized a rare copy of a historic Farm Map of Moreland Township, Montgomery Co., PA, Surveyed and Published by Matthew Hughes in 1861. The 160 year old map was stabilized, reframed, and digitized for the first time to provide access both at the library and online. The library’s map is the only known surviving copy.

The library received a donation from local residents Barbara and Robert DeMartinis to assist with the conservation work. The donation, along with some unrestricted library funding, was used to complete a project that otherwise might not have been possible.

The library would like to thank Mrs. and Mr. DeMartinis, Second to Nun Framery, and ACA paper restorers for their help with the project. The Farm Map may be viewed anytime the library is open. You may view the digitized copy here.

The library has a small local history collection which they hope to expand. If you have local history items, a story to share, or want to help fund special library projects, please contact Pam Dull, 215-947-5138.

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