Planned Giving Opportunities

Memorial and Lifetime

There are many ways to give to the library and show you care. If you would like to speak with a representative from the Library about a planned giving opportunity, please contact the Director at 215-947-5138.  The following are some of the ways you can give:


Gift plaques are displayed in the Library and are still available.


A Bequest is a gift by will or living trust at the donor’s death. Many people who want to make a gift but cannot part with current assets find bequests are an attractive way to give.

Life Insurance

A gift of Life Insurance allows a donor to make a modest contribution which transforms into a significant gift. A donor’s contributions are directed toward the purchase of a life insurance policy naming the Huntingdon Valley Library owner and beneficiary. It provides income tax deductions and avoids estate taxes.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Both immediate and deferred payment are simple agreements between a donor and the Huntingdon Valley Library to pay a designated annuitant a fixed and guaranteed annuity payment for life in exchange for a gift of usually cash or marketable securities.

Charitable Gift Fund

A donor establishes an account with a mutual fund management firm in their name and deposits the contribution. They receive an immediate income tax deduction and future growth of the money that was contributed tax free while it is invested with the Charitable Gift Fund. The Library receives the funds at the choice of the donor.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

These are individually managed trusts that pay an agreed upon payout amount to the designated income beneficiaries. At the death of the beneficiaries, the principal is paid to the Library.

Charitable Lead Trusts

These are individually managed trusts where the individual places an asset in trust for a period of years, after which the assets revert back to the donor or the beneficiary. Any income produced during the term of the trust is paid to the Library.