FDR-An Arsenal For Democracy, Thur, September 23, 7 pm

The date is December 29, 1940. Franklin Delano Roosevelt has just been re-elected to an unprecedented third term in office. But the world is in crisis. Nazi Germany has blazed a path of  destruction accross Europe, and America may soon be drawn into war.

Watch this famous moment come to life, as you meet with the President just prior to his delivery of the famous “Arsenal of Democracy” speech. Learn what President Roosevelt was thinking, and listen to his plea for the support of our Allies. Experience first hand the history that shaped our nation. Please RSVP for the Zoom link.

Neill Hartley is Franklin Delano Roosevelt in this fully staged historical presentation that will entertain and educate audiences from school age to adult. Following the presentation, there will be time for comments and questions with one of the most influential president of all time.

Please RSVP – Program is currently planned for zoom.

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