Auto-renewal service is here!

Huntingdon Valley Library (HVL) will automatically renew eligible material that is checked out on your library card without you having to lift a finger. This automatic process applies to all MCLINC libraries although other libraries may have differing renewal limits.

When will my item(s) automatically renew? HVL will attempt to renew your borrowed item(s) three days before the due date. If successful, your loan period will be extended for 21 days from the existing due date, an additional full loan period.

How will I know if my item was renewed? There are several ways to find out an item’s due date.

  • Within the courtesy notice emailed to you 3 days before the due date, opt-in to receive email notices if you have not already.
  • Via your online account.
  • By calling 215-947-5138 during operating hours.

Why won’t my item Automatically Renew? An item will not automatically renew if:

  • Another library user has requested it.
  • The item has reached its maximum number of renewals (2 times for most items).
  • Your account is expired.
  • The item is a digital item, such as an eBook from Overdrive.
  • The item is an InterLibrary Loan from a library outside of MCLINC.

Can I opt out of Automatic Renewal? Automatic renewal is an automatic process that applies to all Huntingdon Valley Library cardholder accounts. Please return items if you are finished with them.