Animal Trivia Now Available Online

We had a small, but great group for our family trivia game last night! The animal questions were challenging and all of the contestants did a wonderful job.

Do you love animals and know your animal facts? You can now play our animal trivia game online in your own time and still see how well you do versus other patrons playing at home.* Challenge your family and friends!

Play Now!

Click on the link above to play on an internet browser or use Kahoot game pin 07894664 to play on the Kahoot app. Yellow Macaw

Most of the questions are in a general trivia round, but stay tuned until the end for a pictorial round where you will name the unique animals in the photos!

You can play online using Kahoot now through Sunday, February 14. In Kahoot, your score is determined both by how many questions you get right AND by how quickly you answer.

*Please note that any name or nickname entered will be viewable by other patrons who play after you and enter name/nickname accordingly.