Feb. 15 Socrates Cafe

Library Socrates Cafe

Join us with facilitator Robert Rubin, former Library Board President and seasoned discussion leader, for our new Socrates Cafe program.

Bob wants to help us give philosophy back to the people with discussions about truth, justice, and moderation.

All political, economic and social points of view are welcomed and encouraged. 

The only ground rule is that we will be polite to those opinions that differ from our own.

For February, the question is:

socrates cafe 2017What Limits Should There Be On Individual Rights In A Free Society?

The first ten amendments to the Constitution delineate restraints on the government so as to keep the freedom of the governed paramount.  We are guaranteed, among other rights, freedom of speech, assurance that we can practice our religion, the right to keep and bear arms, protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, and the safety of not being forced to become a witness against ourselves.

However, we are continually confronted by the question of when do individual rights constrain the rights of others and, conversely, when do the perceived rights of others adversely impact the rights of the individual.

Here are specific examples of such conflicts.  What is the appropriate resolution for these and such others as you can enumerate – and why?

Socrates Cafe – February Syllabus for Download


Philosophy discussion groups such as SOCRATES CAFÉ are forming in libraries, in bookstores, community centers, and in coffee shops, bringing together people with diverse experience, beliefs, and backgrounds.  Currently there are over 300 Socrates Cafes® throughout the world.

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