The Secret Army: Female Spies- Part Two: World War I and World War II, Thur, October 21, 7 pm

Join us for Part 2 of Female Spies presented by local historian Herb Kaufman.

In World War I The famous Mata Hari became synonymous with women using their “personal attractions” to obtain secrets. 

In World War II, a women headed the intelligence gathering “Alliance,” France’s largest intelligence gathering and resistance network. 

Women spies were major contributors to the success of the both the British Special Operations Executive and the American Office of Strategic Services.  They parachuted into occupied territory, organized resistance activities, and gathered intelligence concerning enemy movements and objectives.  Known as the “Limping Lady,” the “White Rabbit,” and the “Pianist” women made incalculable contributions to the success of the Allied war effort. 

Some of these spies were caught and executed, some just disappeared into history, while others wrote of their exploits and adventures. 

All of these heroic women are finally being recognized as women who exhibited great intelligence and extraordinary bravery.   

The event is scheduled to take place in the community room. Seating is limited.

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