Abraham Lincoln Visits Philadelphia Lecture – Tuesday, Feb. 23, 7 pm

Tuesday, February 23, 7 pm

Presented by Michael Jesberger

Join historical lecturer, reenactor, and tour guide Michael Jesberger live on Zoom for a presentation on President Lincoln’s time in Philadelphia before, during, and after the American Civil War.

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Abraham Lincoln first saw Independence Hall during his 1848 visit to Philadelphia. He visited Philadelphia four times and was moved spiritually and emotionally by each visit, from his participation in the National Convention, his speech to the citizens of Philadelphia on his way to Washington, his attendance at the Sanitary Fair, or his final trip home in 1865. Philadelphia was special to President Lincoln.

Michael Jesberger bio: Mr. Jesberger is an independent military historian who specializes in the American Revolution and Civil War time periods. He is renowned for his depth and breadth of knowledge, as well as his engaging and passionate presentation style, whether providing formal lectures, living history presentations or tours of historic sites in the Tri-state area.e participates in numerous battle reenactments, living history programs and ceremonies to honor our first and current veterans.