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The Library Collections

Our collections support the educational, leisure reading and general reference needs of the community. We base our acquisition decisions on the utility of the materials to the everyday needs of our patrons and their availability elsewhere. We support the economic health of Lower Moreland's workforce by linking workers with materials on job opportunities, training and career advice. We provide resources that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in our communities.


Purpose of the Collection Development Policy
+ To further the Mission of the Huntingdon Valley Library.
+ To guide librarians in the selection of materials.
+ To inform the public about the principles upon which selections are made.


General Collection Development Principles
The Huntingdon Valley Library is a public forum; a place where ideas and information are freely communicated, where a broad spectrum of opinion and a variety of viewpoints is presented in its collection, displays, programs and services and where all of these reflect both majority and minority cultures, the work of men and women, respect for young and old and the various lifestyles and abilities and diverse aspects of our society. The library strives to present materials representing all sides of an issue in a neutral, unbiased manner. The existence of a particular viewpoint in the collection is an expression of the library's policy of intellectual freedom, not an endorsement of the particular point of view.

The Huntingdon Valley Library in general endorses the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association, provided the content is not in conflict with any local library policies. Policies adopted by the Board of Trustees with our specific community needs in mind supercede any guidelines or policies recommended by national, state, or regional library organizations.


Responsibility for Selection
Library material selection is vested in the Library Director and such members of the staff who are qualified by reason of education and training. Any library material so selected shall be held to be selected by the Board of Trustees. Patron requests are also an important part of the selection process.



General Selection Criteria
These general criteria are taken into account for all materials selected for the Huntingdon Valley Library. Additional specific criteria are listed when appropriate for different types of materials. All items selected will meet several of the general or specific criteria.

+ Current and anticipated needs and interests of the public
+ Accuracy of content
+ Timeliness of information
+ Author's, artist's or publisher's qualifications and/or reputation
+ Evaluations in review media
+ Contribution to diversity or breadth of collections
+ Inclusion of title in standard bibliographies or indexes
+ Receipt of or nomination for major awards or prizes
+ Quality of production
+ Affordability



Selection Tools
The library subscribes to several periodicals which are used as review and evaluation sources for material selection. Among these are:
+ Library Journal
+ Booklist
+ Publisher's Weekly
+ New York Times Book Review



Adult Materials


Adult Fiction
The library provides a collection of standard and contemporary fiction titles as well as genre fiction for the intellectual enrichment, information, and entertainment needs and interests of the adult population of Lower Moreland. Due to budgetary and space constraints, multiple copies are usually not purchased; instead, patrons are provided additional copies through interlibrary loan when our copy is not available. Large print, audiocassette and compact disc copies of some popular titles are also available. A small rental book collection is also available to provide additional copies on in-demand bestsellers.

Special Criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Collection's need to reflect minority as well as majority cultures
+ Literary merit

Adult Nonfiction
The library maintains a collection of general interest nonfiction titles to provide for the information needs and browsing interests of library patrons. Materials for which there is heavy, temporary demand may be selected with less emphasis on the general criteria listed above.

Special Criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Suitability for intended audience (research-level books not purchased)
+ Ease of use, including index, bibliography and illustrations


The library maintains a collection of magazines for informational and recreational reading. Most general periodicals are retained for three years. News magazines are retained for five years and historical news magazines for ten years. Some historical titles for which indexing is available and for which there is heavy demand are maintained indefinitely.

Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Available indexing (lack of indexing will not exclude a title if it meets patrons needs)
+ Community interests as measured by requests
+ Availability of display shelving and storage space

Newspapers are selected to provide local, state, regional and national coverage. Local newspapers plus a selection of regional and national titles are purchased. Issues are retained for four months.



Reference Materials

Reference: Reference materials, whether in print or computer-based formats, are those designed by the arrangement and treatment of their subject matter to be consulted for definite items of information rather than to be read consecutively. They can provide quick, concise, and current information or they may serve as an index to other materials in the collection. Since they are typically used daily by the public and Library staff to answer specific questions, books in the reference collection are designated for use within the Library.


To a very limited extent, items not falling strictly within the reference format, but in high demand by library users, may be included in the reference collection to allow maximum use.


Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Currency of the material
+ Thoroughness of coverage
+ Importance of subject matter to the collection
+ Ease of use (especially indexing)
+ Support of high school and university curriculums



Reference Materials in Electronic Format
Most are currently provided through the state’s Power Library database and through the District Library Center.


Special Collections
The library attempts to be as inclusive as possible in obtaining books pertaining to the history, economic, social and cultural life of Lower Moreland and its surrounding region. The Old York Road Historical Society acts as a excellent source of referral for more in-depth research requests.



Young Adult Materials
The Huntingdon Valley Library's young adult collection provides educational and recreational materials for young adults ages 14-18. Due to the wide range of tastes and abilities in this age group, there is some duplication between the young adult collection and both the adult and juvenile collections. Multiple copies of frequently requested titles, including series titles, are provided, particularly to support book discussion groups and required reading lists.

Young Adult Fiction
Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Reputation and popularity of author or title among young adults
+ Presentation at a level and in a format that appeals to young adults
+ Inclusion of material on recommended or curriculum-related reading lists
+ Subject matter of special interest to young adults


Young Adult Nonfiction
Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Presentation at a level and in a format that appeals to young adults
+ Usefulness of material for research
+ Subject matter of special interest to young adults



Children's Materials
Children's materials are selected to meet the recreational, educational and cultural needs of children from infancy through age 14. Additional materials are selected to assist adult caregivers with the changing needs of children. Multiple copies of frequently requested titles are provided.

Juvenile Fiction
The library maintains a variety of children's fiction from the most distinguished in children's literature to popular titles and new, enticing titles that will attract readers of many tastes and abilities. Popular series titles are purchased in response to patron requests.

Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Appropriate reading level and interest level
+ Appeal of author, genre, series for children
+ Inclusion of material on recommended reading lists

Picture Books
These books, in which illustration is as important as text, serve to introduce children to the world of books. The library includes a wide variety for adults to read to toddlers and preschoolers and for children to look at and use as they begin to read. This collection includes beginning readers, concept books, wordless books and board books as well as picture books.

Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Relationship of illustration to text
+ Appeal of story and illustration to children
+ Age appropriateness of art, text, topic
+ Durability of format


Juvenile Nonfiction
The juvenile nonfiction collection contains general informational works, browsing items and subject-oriented materials on topics of interest to children preschool age through sixth grade. The library does not provide basic texts or materials needed in quantity for schoolwork. It does, however, purchase supplementary materials to enrich the resources available at area schools.

Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Suitability for intended audience
+ Ease of use, including index, bibliography and illustrations
+ Quality of illustrations, maps, graphics and photographs
+ Usefulness of material for research



Parent/Teacher Collection
Many of the materials in the Parent/Teacher collection are chosen for their usefulness in helping parents and other caregivers help their children understand and deal with the problems and situations of everyday life. These include both juvenile and adult titles. Additional materials are chosen to meet the needs of adults providing educational and recreational opportunities to groups of young children. Some duplication exists between this collection and the adult nonfiction materials. There is a wide selection of teaching material for the classroom, the home school, and the home.


Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Suitability for intended audience


The realia collection enables children to have hands-on experiences through the use of puppets in the library setting. Puppets are selected as companions to children's literature as well as toys.

Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Durability of materials
+ Ability to clean and disinfect
+ Pieces large enough to avoid injury
+ Relationship to other material in a kit


Children’s Media
Computers in the children’s area are equipped with learning and recreational games for preschool through junior high. There is a varied collection of juvenile and young adult talking books and book and cassette or CD kits. Titles are selected for both classic and current relevance.



Computer Software
The library provides word processing, spreadsheet and educational software for use in the building on the public personal computers. Additional software is purchased based on the General Criteria.

Video Cassettes/DVD
The video/DVD collection informs and entertains library users of all ages. The emphasis of new title additions will be informational and instructional.


Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Award winners
+ Production quality
+ Technical quality (audio and video integrity etc.)
+ Availability of Public Performance rights


The library actively collects and maintains a compact disc music collection in a broad range of styles and eras for both recreational and educational use.


Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Excellence of interpretation and technique
+ Technical quality


The spoken audio collection, in cassette and compact disc formats, is intended to fill the recreational and informational needs of adults, young adults and children. Both abridged and unabridged formats are included but no attempt is made to provide a comprehensive or in-depth collection.

Special criteria (in addition to General Criteria)
+ Availability of replacement tapes
+ Quality of production (especially of the reader)



Controversial Materials

Public libraries preserve and enhance the people's right to a broader range of ideas than those held by any one librarian, publisher or government. On occasion, there can be diverse opinions by individuals or groups as to what is acceptable or appropriate for the collection. Library collections are not limited to only those ideas and information one person or group believes to be true, good and proper.

The Board of Trustees believes that anyone is free to reject for himself/herself library materials of which he or she does not approve.


However, the individual cannot restrict the freedom of others to read, view or hear.
Parents or legal guardians have the responsibility to guide and direct the reading, viewing or listening of their own minor children. The library does not take the place of the parent or guardian.

It is recognized that in a free society there will be different opinions as
to what a library should and should not have in its collection. To allow
full expression of patrons' opinions and to consider their viewpoints, the
following process will be followed in case of a disagreement by a patron
with the library's collection policy and/or acquisition of a specific item:

+ The Library Director will meet in a timely manner with any patron
who has a complaint about the library's collection policy and/or acquisition of a specific item. At the meeting the Library Director will listen to the complaint ,review with the patron the policies under which the acquisition decision was made, and re-evaluate whether the acquisition falls within the standards of the collection policy.
+ In the event that a resident patron (a patron who lives in Lower
Moreland Township) is dissatisfied with the results of the meeting, the
patron can meet with the library Board Of Directors to air his or her point of view.
+ A completed Huntingdon Valley Library Reconsideration of Library
Materials form must be submitted to the Library Director 14 days prior to the Board Of Directors meeting.
+ In order for the Board to understand clearly the nature of the
complaint, the patron must designate whether there is a disagreement with the collection policy or whether the objection is that the material in question does not meet the standards set in the collection policy.
+ The patron must appear in person at the meeting but may be
accompanied by one other spokesperson.
+ The Board will make its decision no later than the conclusion of
the meeting following that meeting in which the complaint is made.


Collection Maintenance
The collection is maintained and weeded through an ongoing process of collection analysis. Older items are repaired, withdrawn, or replaced based on the following:

+ The needs and interests of the community
+ Number of circulations, requests and reserves
+ Availability of similar materials in the collection
+ Affordability
+ Physical condition and age of the item
+ In-print status
+ Appearance in standard lists
+ Available space
+ Availability at other local libraries

Items discarded are given to the Friends of the Huntingdon Valley Library for their book sales. The library will not withdraw an item simply because a patron wishes to purchase it.


Since libraries cannot meet all of the possible needs of their patrons with in-house materials, they belong to networks which give them access to collections of other libraries.

HuntingdonValley Library is a member of MCLINC, a consortium of thirteen public library systems in Montgomery County and Access PA, a network of nearly 3,000 multitype libraries throughout the state.


Gifts are accepted but will be evaluated by the library staff and director using the same criteria as the materials purchased for the collection. Donated periodical subscriptions for which there is no indexing and which have limited appeal are marked "Complimentary" and no back files are kept. The library reserves the right to refuse any donations of materials. Donations not added to the collection are given to the Friends of the Huntingdon Valley Library for their sales.


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