Library Community Forums for the new Strategic Plan


Community Focus Groups

How can the Library be a community partner? What is the Library’s role in the community? Let us know!

On Thursday, October 3 while the kids are upstairs learning about Dinosaurs, the Board of Trustees will be downstairs asking these questions and listening intently to your answers:

  • What do you like most about living in this community?
  • How do you think this community is changing?
  • What role do you think the library plays in the community?
  • What do you think is great about the library?
  • What do you think is no so great about the library?
  • What might the library do to better serve your needs and encourage you to use the library more?
  • If money were no object, what would you want us to do?
  • Thinking about the future, what challenges and opportunities do you see for this library?

Interested in joining this discussion? Please RSVP today for the next session and share your thoughts, dreams, and concerns directly with the Board.


Curious to know what has been accomplished since 2016? Have a look at the Strategic Action Plan – it’s updated frequently. Here are the guiding principals the Board crafted (on a dark and stormy night) in 2016. We are quite proud of them:

Vision Statement

Huntingdon Valley Library is a forward-thinking essential center of learning and community.

Mission Statement

To provide a vibrant welcoming environment where everyone will engage, explore and enjoy.

The Huntingdon Valley Library is guided by these Core Values:

Curiosity | Diversity | Innovation | Lifelong learning |
Positive relationships | Potential | Service | Sustainability

These are Our Strategic Goal Priorities:


We seek partnerships and cooperation with all who share our common goals


We will continue to be the hub of our community


We support lifelong learning for all members of our community


We support and encourage enhanced technological literacy in the community


We aspire to be an environment for exploration and creative expression


We are a catalyst to spark community involvement