Feb. 10 Gustave Eiffel and His Tower Lecture


Joanne Beck presents:

Gustave Eiffel and His Tower

Sunday, February 10

at 2 p.m. 

This 1-hour lecture is FREE and OPEN to all.

Please register online.

The story of the life and times of Gustave Eiffel’s Tower, which made its debut at the Paris World’s Fair in 1889, is filled with the history of the times.  The tower had many critics, and its construction was met with controversy. The World’s Fair has its own story complete with exhibits of latest advances in medicine, science and engineering, and art exhibits. It had entertainment which made it very popular with the public.  But the Eiffel Tower with its huge proportions and height and views of Paris (never before seen from that height) became “star” of the fair.

Joanne Beck is a programming and continuing education specialist who lectures throughout the region.

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