Science in the Summer

GSK Science in the Summer™ returns to the Huntingdon Valley Library July 12-13. This year, Montgomery County elementary students have the opportunity to learn about the “Science of Sports.”

Students will explore the science behind their favorite sports through fun, hands-on activities. They’ll discover why athletes need to stay physically fit, mentally fit, and properly equipped. Students will also learn about the teams of professionals who use science to help athletes improve their performance. They’ll experiment with sports equipment materials and health drink recipes, just like real engineers and nutritionists. GSK Science in the Summer™ will show students that science is an exciting way to get in the game!

sisGSK Science in the Summer™ is a fun and free science education program sponsored by GSK and administered by The Franklin Institute, which introduces students to the wonderful and fascinating world of science. Through classes held in local public libraries and taught by certified teachers, this program gets kids excited about science with hands-on experiments. Classes are small with 16 students each, so be sure to register online early!

Level 1 classes are for children entering grades 2 and 3.
Level 2 classes are for children entering grades 4 through 6.


Registration for GSK Science in the Summer™ is online and starts on Thursday, May 4 at noon. Registrations will be processed in the order they are received. Space is limited.  Learn more about the registration process here.

Click here to register on the GSK Science in the Summer™ website.