A Story in Your Pocket


A Story in Your Pocket

In recent years, audiotapes have become very popular. For those tired of the zombies on TV, or for those with visual problems, this alternative is perfect. Audiobooks from our library’s interesting selection are available to check out for three weeks. Many of the bestsellers are simultaneously released in book and audio format.

Although James Patterson never sleeps, he often co-writes with another author (whose name is in smaller print letters). One of his earliest collaborators was Andrew Gross who has now become a solo writer. Andrew Gross has written several books, including his bestselling novel I recently listened to titled The One Man. His style is different from Patterson’s; he centers more on character development and different theme-related plots.

A recent addition to our library collection is the Playaway audiobook. Smaller than a regular-sized cell phone, they contain an entire book. Easy to use with one battery and earbuds, these gems are an agreeable companion on trips and waiting rooms, and a perfect distraction for hospital patients (they saved my sanity). They are found in the orange cases near the audiobooks. Happy listening.

Joanne D., Library volunteer