September’s Craft a Connection Book Club


Craft a Connection Book Club is one of my favorite monthly programs. Children in grades 3-5 meet up to discuss a book and create a craft that goes along with the story. For the past three Septembers, we have celebrated the birthday of children’s author Roald Dahl by reading one of his beloved books and making something edible. In 2014, we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and made edible wall paper!


In 2015, we read Matilda and made chocolate cake pops!


This year we discussed The BFG and made Snozzcumber ice cream. That’s right! Snozzcumber. Dahl describes the snozzcumber as filthing, disgusterous, sickable, rotsome, moggotwise and foulsome, so you can imagine the challenge to find an edible craft recipe that did not taste “disgusterous.” I found tons of tuna fish filled cucumber recipes, but I didn’t think my director or Craft a Connectors would appreciate making tuna salad at the library.

A few days before September’s meeting, I jokingly asked my assistant Vanessa, “You don’t have an ice cream maker by chance, do you?” To my surprise she replied, “Actually, I do!”

I always love asking the Craft a Connectors what they think we are making for the craft. Of course no one guessed ice cream!




Snozzcumber ice cream received mixed reviews. Craft a Connectors couldn’t decide if it was delicious, “disgusterous” or tasted like pickles. One girl did ask for the recipe, so it couldn’t have been that bad.  These expressions are perfect!


October’s Craft a Connection Book Club meets on Wednesday, October 26 at 7:00 pm to discuss Lisa Graff’s A Tangle of Knots. You can pick up the book at the circulation desk and register here.

See you around the library,

Miss Glynnis